Tuesday, August 30, 2011

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers

Absolutely loving Style Casters 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers - shot so beautifully by Stefani Pappas! New Yorkers are known for their casual chic dress sence, done better than any other city in the world. And this feature represents 'an amalgamation of high fashion, retro appreciation, individual style and more than a little personality epitomizes a city that lives and breathes fashion – even by proxy, sometimes serendipitously, almost always uniquely.' 

I've selected a few of my favourites below.... Check them all out at stylecaster.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bronwyn Julie Roberts

This post goes out to my mum - the pretty lady on the left of the photo below. This photo was shot in the backyard of our family home, not long after the parentals had bought it, about six years before I was born. I spent 20 years hanging out in that backyard - with the above ground pool, two cats and a couple of guinea pigs. A cubby house, swing set and a trampoline. Lemon, orange, peach, plum, and nectarine trees. Green grapes and red. And passion fruit hanging over our neighbours fence. I adore this photo - as it reminds me of carefree summer days as a child swimming in the pool and although it's of a young woman I've never known, it's of a smile I've seen a million times and always makes me feel at home. My mum, Bronwyn Julie, visited me from Adelaide this weekend. We shopped, ate, talked... shopped, ate and talked some more. Only wish it could happen more often! Love you mum xx

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Transcendental Wayfaring

Frank wants to share with you the work of Dylan Culhane's exhibition at EB and Flow, London - Transcendental Wayfaring. It is his first solo exhibition in London, and what might appear to be the result of post-production is in truth a matter of ingenious multiple exposure.
‘‘We are all chasing after reality with cameras, not realising that the attempt to do so is futile and in fact obfuscating our understanding more than enlightening it.’’


Friday, August 19, 2011


It's been a manic week since the last post - hence the lack of posts. TFIF - enjoy the weekend!  x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frances Bean through the lens of Hedi Slimane

As a teenager of the 90's, I was a lover of all things grunge... big holed thrift shop cardies, ripped jeans and of course Nirvana. Which is why I just had to share with you these amazing pictures of, the now very grown up, Frances Bean - offspring of the talented Kurt Cobain and his crazy lover Courtney. Shot through the lens of Hedi Slimane as found on his online diary, the images are beautiful and poetic. And when you look at them, you see a glimmer of Kurt, a hole lot of Courtney, and suddenly it all Smells A Bit Like Teen Spirit.


I recommend taking five to check out more of Hedi Slimaes photographic diary - it's unbelievably good! www.hedislimane.com/diary

Monday, August 8, 2011


Below is a selection of shots from Andrew Zukermans book Creature - a hard cover collection of strikingly detailed photography, collating 175 portraits from the wild. Shot in a stark white studio set-up, the animals are beautifully depicted with a graphic sensitivity and warmth. A simply stunning body of work. 

All images used are Copyright by Andrew Zuckerman - andrewzuckerman.com

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The wonderful world of Cassandra Smith

Today I want to share with you the wonderful artwork of Cassandra Smith. Cassandra Smith is an artist and freelance curator working in Milwaukee, WI. She is also the co-owner and editor of Fine Line Magazine, a quarterly, international fine arts publication. I first stumbled across Cassandra's work via her etsy shop - etsy.com/shop/MadeByCassandraSmith - where she sells hand painted antlers. 

I was instantly drawn in and wanted to know more. Through reading her bio, I discovered her website - an online folio of her work. She creates detailed and beautiful artworks out of the unexpected - turning fish into a sparkling kaleidoscope wall hanging, cakes into rich patterned wallpaper, beautifying taxidermy animals through the use of sequins and much much more - enjoy!
To see more of her work visit - cassandra-smith.comKeep up to date via her blog - cassandra-smith.blogspot.comOr buy one of her gorgeous antlers - etsy.com/shop/MadeByCassandraSmith_________

Agyness Deyn + Tim Walker + UK Vogue

I love Agyness Deyn. She's not everyone's cup of tea but I think she's gorgeous, and the above shoot... just divine. Shot by Tim Walker for May, 2011 UK Vogue, is a sequence of seductive imagery with old hollywood glamour styling, set in 1930's interiors claimed back by the desert landscape. Tim Walkers use of stunning sunlight in the first shot is given a soft intimacy by shooting through gauze, which is carried through in the next image - shot through a fly screen which reminds me of foxing on an old painting - it enhances the overall tone of the shoot... a feeling of old colonial hollywood on safari.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

testing. testing. 4. 5. 6...

a couple of weeks back we ran some large test prints in colour and b&w - a shot from franks bolton series and one of his portraits. and we were well impressed with the print quality - sharp as nails scraping down a blackboard. but you must see what else is out there, so we're on to test some more… transparencies, 80gsm bond, tyvek... this test is going to be fun! And super cute x

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


delighted by this playful shoot in RUSH - shot by the very talented Will Davidson. Huge fan of his work. I adore the lighthearted, yet somehow serious mood evoked by the images (and the black and white).... now I really want to go out and buy that lover dress - just to spin around and jump up and down in, it's like being nowhere else!

Monday, August 1, 2011


back in april frank, myself and our friend lauren decided to embark on a new project. a portrait of fashion / a sneak peak inside peoples closets and homes. i art direct - driving the overall concept and look of the project, frank takes the shots and our friend lauren styles their outfits from whats within their wardrobes. here are a couple of headshots of the ever so handsome Kris Shrimpton. we'll be launching a site dedicated to the project early next year - so watch this space….