Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frances Bean through the lens of Hedi Slimane

As a teenager of the 90's, I was a lover of all things grunge... big holed thrift shop cardies, ripped jeans and of course Nirvana. Which is why I just had to share with you these amazing pictures of, the now very grown up, Frances Bean - offspring of the talented Kurt Cobain and his crazy lover Courtney. Shot through the lens of Hedi Slimane as found on his online diary, the images are beautiful and poetic. And when you look at them, you see a glimmer of Kurt, a hole lot of Courtney, and suddenly it all Smells A Bit Like Teen Spirit.


I recommend taking five to check out more of Hedi Slimaes photographic diary - it's unbelievably good!

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