Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mechanic + old bomb = $0

It's not a bad day to be walking an hour to the mechanic to pick up the old bomb. 25 degrees, sunny out, a tad too much wind… but overall pretty good! However, knowing you've got yet another $1200+ bill waiting for you puts a bit of a dark cloud over the event. Once, just once, I ask to put the car in for a service and that's all it is - change the oil, have a tinker here and look there - job done. But no, not with our beast. Not once have we had a bill lower than $1000 and more than on one occasion had to foot a bill closer to, or over $2000 and we've only had the damn car two years! Thanks to my dad's best mates daughters husband... it appears we've inherited a BOMB. An ugly maroon, 1998 Ford Fairmont family wagon bomb to top it off. Had it looked like one of these cars in Franks online folio… it might not be so hard to swallow.

Have a fab day... I'm off to see my mechanic, to collect our heap of *#@^!

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